Shopping Guide

Choosing a present for someone can oftentimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to jewelry. Jewelry is a personal thing for many women and tastes can certainly vary from person to person. However, Lauren Klein carries such a wide range of women’s jewelry, we are confident you can find a piece that accurately reflects and represents the man, woman, child or baby you are buying for.

Trends in jewelry are always changing, but classic staples are a necessity in any person’s wardrobe. Simple silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings can always be added to an outfit for a bit of classic sparkle. But when you want to stand out from the crowd, bright and bold pieces are the items to wear. At Lauren Klein, we know that purchasing jewelry for family and friends can be a difficult process no matter how well you know them. We’ve consulted jewelry experts and our clientele for some insight. Check out the gift guide below to spark some ideas and good luck with your shopping!

The Pretty Princess – She’s young, bright and ready to take on the world. She’s the image of you when you were her age and still has so much to learn. Give her something she will love now and appreciate later. Maybe she’ll even have someone to pass it down to later in life!

Lauren recommends: A necklace and matching enamel ring or a pair of studs in her favorite color.

The Teenybopper Tween – She’s a grownup version of the Little Princess. While she’s still young, her tastes are starting to mature and she’s starting to pay attention to the fashion trends. Consequently, she’s starting to take notice of all kinds of baubles and bangles.

Lauren recommends: One of our rainbow rings or diamond initials. These add just enough shine to an unexpected place, and are perfect for showing off manicured toes and summer sandals in warm weather. Our anklets come in a standard nine inch length but can be customized to fit.

The Spiritual Sister – She’s the Yin to your Yang and is always a calming presence. Show how much you appreciate her spiritual side with a piece of jewelry from one of our collections. Whether she practices a certain religion or is simply a spiritual person, she will treasure the piece you pick out for her. Namaste.

Lauren recommends: Depending on her religion, choose a bangle , an Evil Eye bracelet or a cross necklace. These will be a constant calming reminder of her faith no matter where she goes.

The Pretty Prep – Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend, but pearls come in a close second. Pearls and prepsters have always been linked together, along with boat shoes, pastel colors and ribbon belts. We can’t help you with her outfit, but we can most certainly help you complete it.

Lauren recommends: Freshwater pearls earrings for day. White gold and diamond pearl earrings for night. ‘Nuf said.

The Romantic Bohemian – She collects seashells, antiques and old door knobs. Her rainy Sundays consist of drinking tea and watching classic movies with Humphrey Bogart. She’s half romantic dreamer and half bohemian lovechild but a full-time friend to you. Her jewelry is sparse but meaningful, and she buys items that can be worn daily.

Lauren recommends: Macramé bracelets or Glittered hair clips or engraved hair clips ensure that your gift will be treasured and worn for years. Using braiding and knotting and materials like metals, beads and gemstones, the designer creates unique pieces that are difficult to find anywhere else.

The Man in Your Life – They say women are the most difficult to shop for, but we beg to differ. Lauren Klein carries plenty of options for men. What you choose will obviously depend on his specific sense of style because men usually wear the same things from day to day. We offer cuff links and money clips for the classic and traditional man, while someone who’s more daring may enjoy some flashier pieces.