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Green Amethyst

Green amethyst has a few names Prasiolite,Vermarine or Lime Citrine. It is a durable, gemstone, ranging in color from a light sage green to a deep grass green. It is also a member of the Quartz mineral family similar to its cousin the purple amethyst. Elegant by itself, or paired with sophisticated diamond accents, green amethyst lends an exotic yet understated beauty to fine jewelry fashions. Our green amethyst necklace is pale on color perfect as a spring or fall color. It is set in yellow gold to further bring out its beautiful color.

Stunning Green Amethyst Diamond Pendant
Retail Price: $1,350.00
Lauren's Price: $775.00
Green Amethyst and Diamond Solitaire Necklace
Retail Price: $525.00
Lauren's Price: $340.00